mardi 7 novembre 2006

PLAYLIST - 7 Nov. 2006

Herman Düne : Nickel Chrome
André Herman Düne" : How I Feel About You
Drew Danburry : Red Rock Virgins Encounter With Winter Nights
Andy Bilinski : Strange World
The Appleseed Cast : Mountain Halo
Red Stars Theory : How Did The Room Get So White
Mono : Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
From Monument To Masses : Deafening
Cursive : Big Bang
Cursive : Shallow Means Deep Ends
Tang : Word Necklace
Snapcase : Dress Rehearsal
Comeback Kid : loreleï
Madball : Hold It Down
Sick Of It All : The Bland Within
Black Bomb A : Lady Lazy
Born From Pain : Rise Or Die
Fear Before The March Of Flames : Sarah Goldfarbs What Are You Manners ?
Mastodon : Island
Enfold : Mimesis

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