mardi 14 juillet 2009

14 JUILLET 09 - spéciale EMO RARITIES (ft. Mickson)

GRATITUDE - Drive away (Atlantic)
POWELL - My living space is my memory (Yr Letter)
ROMEO IS BLEEDING - Pink Poison (Plastik culture)
OIL - Modern record time (Coalition)
PEELGREEMS - The magic envelops me (Peel prod)
TOKYO ADVENTURES - This is how we want the week end to sound (Boss tuneage)
SAVES THE DAY - When it isn't like it should be (Vagrant)
MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK - Attractive today (Epitaph)
THE 101 - Psychotropic love (Self starter foundation)
FOUR SQUARE - Poison arrows (Bad taste)
AIKIDO COP - Girl on a soapbox (autoprod)
ROCKY VOTOLATO - Postcard from Kentucky (Barsuk)
THE SHINS - We will become silhouettes (THE POSTAL SERVICE cover) (Sub pop)
SAVES THE DAY - Jessie & the whetstone (Vagrant)
RED CAR BURNS - A problem with my fridge (Engineer)
SHAGGY HOUND - Reason (Lollipop)
THE PAPERBACKS - An episode of sparrows (Newest industry)
SIMPLY WAITING - In the arms (Gasoline)
NURAL - Lukewarm (Hopeless)
PINHEAD GUNPOWER - I walk alone (Adeline)

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