mardi 8 septembre 2009


NEW FOUND GLORY - Heartless at best (Epitaph)
FAKE OFF - A lifelong basic cognitive process (en concert partout, tout le temps) (DTTH)
KID DOWN - Between my hands (Epitaph)
KID DOWN - Bottoms up for cutie (Epitaph)
THE MOVIELIFE - Jamestown (Drive Thru)
DAY AT THE FAIR - Eastern homes and western hearts (Drive Thru)
PASSION PIT - Sleepyhead (en concert le 6 novembre 2009 à Lille) (French Kiss)
LEMONHEADS ft. LIV TYLER- Hey, that's no way to say goodbye (Cooking Vinyl)
64 DOLLAR QUESTION - The straight & the narrow (Paranoid)
GUERILLA POUBELLE - Pacifier (KID DYNAMITE cover) (en concert le 31 octobre 2009 à Hazebrouck) (Guerilla)
CHARLY FIASCO - Echec et mat (en concert le 31 octobre 2009 à Hazebrouck) (Guerilla)
THERE FOR TOMORROW - A little faster (Hopeless)
SOUL CONTROL - Beyond words (Bridge Nine)
THE EFFORT - From our mistakes (diy)
ENERGY - 400 (Bridge Nine)
WARSAW WAS RAW - Doctor Jerkoff & Mr Hype (en concert le 22 octobre 2009 à Lille) (Guerilla)
ADMIRAL'S ARMS ft. Oli Sykes (BRING ME THE HORIZON) - Dawn of the new age (en concert le 12 septembre à Lille)
CHIODOS - Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered (Equal Vision)
xTACKLEBERRYX - Un-fuckwithable (Zeitstrafe)
OATHBREAKER - Shelter (Holy Shit)
START OF THE END - 1000 of my potential children died yesterday in your daughter's face last night (Uproar For Veneration)
GET STITCHES - Four walls (Pool Side)

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