mardi 3 novembre 2009

PLAYLIST - 3 nov. 2009

WEEZER - Let it all hang out
HOUSTON CALLS - Bob & Bonnie
MOCKINGBIRD WISH ME LUCK - Orphans of a storm
COOPER - Not alone
WALTER SHREIFFELS - When you sleep (My Bloody Valentine) (sur la compilation MEMORIA)
LULA FORTUNE - Fuzzy (Grant Lee Buffalo) (sur la compilation MEMORIA)
PARAMORE - Careful
MAIDENHAIR TREE - Unexplained incident
ACE ENDERS - Over this
COEUR DE PIRATE - Fondu au noir
PHONE TRIO - So divine
NOFX - Creeping out sara
THROAT - Good eye
FOUR YEAR STRONG - Bada bing ! wit a pipe !
I AM THE AVALANCHE - I took a beating
GATORFACE - The cleaner
THE DOPAMINES - October 24th
WORN IN RED - Piled like bricks
WHISKEY TRENCH - Break me down
OATHBREAKER - Don't fall
THE INEQUITY - Back to innocence

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