mardi 22 décembre 2009

PLAYLIST - 22 dec. 2009

EMINEM - Lose yourself
WEEZER - Let it all hang out
HAWK NELSON - Live life loud
MXPX - You're The One I Miss (This Christmas)
BOWLING FOR SOUP - Father christmas
THE GET UP KIDS - I'm a loner, a dottie, a rebel
JAWBREAKER - I love you so much it's killing us both
THE VEIN SHOT - Dogs & comedies
DEAD POP CLUB - So you think you can dance
FOREST - I've been Kidnapped By Alien (They Cut My Hair)
CAN'T BEAR THIS PARTY - Modern hospital (en concert à Lille le 30 décembre 2009)
FOUR YEAR STRONG - Beatdown in the hey of happy
DANCE GAVIN DANCE - Tree village (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)

/// spéciale I FOR US RECORDS ///
THE PROCESS - Politics of fear
WHEN WE FALL - End serenading
WHEN WE FALL - summer dying fast

FUZZY - sleeper
KID WITH MAN HEAD - She won't sleep with me
IRON CHIC - World's greatest dad
ALL TIME LOW - Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don't (MTV Unplugged)
ARTIST VS POET - Damn Rough Night
GALLOWS - Black Eyes (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)

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