mardi 19 janvier 2010

PLAYLIST - 19 jan. 2010

DANCE GAVIN DANCE - Tree village (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
POST OFFENSE - Stronger (Kanye West cover)
MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN - Dance In My Blood
STERIOGRAM - Walkie talkie man
ALL TIME LOW - Dear Maria count me in
SAVES THE DAY - Up & downs (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
SAVES THEY DAY - Shoulder to the wheel (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
THE ROCKET - Mount everest
GINO'S EYEBALL - Disneyland
THE SPREE - Memories
THE FRIDAY GOSSIP - Playtime of midnight
SURROGATE - Surprise
NEW IDEA SOCIETY - Where are you now (en concert à Lille le 2 février)
COHEED AND CAMBRIA - The end complete
THRICE - A song for Milly Michaelson
A SKYLIT DRIVE - Wires And The Concept Of Breathing (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
TRASHINGTON DC - They peed on my rug
TRASHINGTON DC - For those about to thrash (we polute you)
TRASHINGTON DC - Let your body talk
CANCER BATS - Let it pour
12XU - Se faciliter la tache
STETSON - Where have I been ?
CALLEJON - Undwennder schnee
EIGHTEEN VISIONS - You broke like glass

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