mardi 2 mars 2010

PLAYLIST - 2 mar. 2010 (split w/ L'ALTERNATIVE)

GLASSJAW fr. RAY CAPPO - Modern love story (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
FOUR YEAR STRONG - Wasting time (Eternal summer)
PHARAOHS - Decorex
FACE TOMORROW - Once again
YAGE - Situations are like cells
DEFTONES - Rocket skates
CAN'T BEAR THIS PARTY - So quarrelsome (en concert au ASK FESTIVAL 2010)
NINE ELEVEN - The quick and the dead (en concert au ASK FESTIVAL 2010)
BANNER PILOT - Skeleton key (en concert au GROEZROCK 2010)
YOU ME AT SIX - I you run
FORDBIDDEN KINGS - Praise the booze
CECILIA EYES - Our Longest Winter
THREE STEPS IN THE OCEAN - December 31st 1844

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